Norman "Punch" Hennigan...Qualifying Broker

From Punch’s life experiences in Nevada and New Mexico, he learned that we do not own the land, we are simply God’s caretakers of the land - and he has always wanted to make a difference in the land, to the people inhabiting the land, to his family, to his two kids, and grandkids. To fulfill his dream of making a difference, he chose a real estate career. In life and career, Punch strives to be a positive influence to family, people, and the land. As a fourth generation rancher in New Mexico he has a strong tie to the land, family, and community. He has a feel for what can be done with the land, a vision of how to grow and change in ways that are beneficial to the environment, economy, and community. Punch wants to pass on the land to the next generation so that they can have a positive experience and make a difference. The greatest satisfaction in Punch’s life is to know he’s made a difference. Let him make a difference for you.



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