Making a difference

At Kiowa Land and Sales we sell real estate based on our make a difference to the land and to the people who become caretakers of the land. Our brokers come from generations of land owners and land stewards in Northern New Mexico. They've experienced the land from many cowboys, ranchers, hunters, hikers, and campers. Their livelihood depends on sustainable land management and their strong tie to the land and community causes them to support growth in an environment friendly and economically favorable manner.

Kiowa Land and Sales encourages transactions beneficial not only for the buyer and seller, but for the land and the community as well. Kiowa’s staff members are experts in rural life, from residential to large ranches. They know real estate... let their combined 40 plus years of experience as real estate professionals work for you. We can help you buy and sell – and we offer management services in land, ranches, and livestock. And we raise puppy dogs too!


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contact information

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